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National Health Record (NER) has been developed by HSE to receive feedback directly from Doctors (NCHDs). This portal has been specifically designed to minimise repetitive paperwork requirements for doctors.

Who can use NER Portal?

Doctors starting there new jobs having contract with HSE hospitals would be able to access and use this portal. You can only make an account on NER portal if you have valid HSE contract. Doctor and HR department of the hospital will have complete access to the portal.

How can you register?

Open the website and click “Register new account”. Enter your details with clinical site. Login to your account and fill the details whatever information is available at that moment.

Link of HIRE form with your salary!

As soon as you login to portal you will see HIRE form. Click edit it and start filling this form with your details. Bank details in this form is necessary to start your salary as soon as possible. Once you have completed HIRE form; inform your HR so that they can set you up for next salary deposit! Please see another topic of how to make bank account on separate post!

What should you upload on NER Portal?

Under Employment documents your HR will upload your Garda Vetting. You can upload your work permit in this section. Under Occ Health documents upload the certificate from Occ health department when you are cleared by them after blood tests. Your HR will guide you how to get those done. Next section is training certificate; upload all your training certificate which you have done on HSE Land. I have discussed HSE Land portal in separate post. In Personal details section upload your passport, Birth certificate, Language test certificate, CV, and GNIB card whenever it is issued to you.

Educational and trainings support scheme in NER portal has been discussed in separate post on this website.


This is the latest advancement added to NER portal for doctors who are on Non-training posts. You can always use this portal to update your clinical skills.

Get Help!

On top right corner of website you can see Help icon. Click on that to get any kind of guidance you want related to NER portal. Every section is explained in detail.

Access website via following link or google NER Portal HSE.

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