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How To set-up Irish Medical Council Account?


Before setting IMC, account for making sure that EPIC has verified your Degree and Experience certificate, and both should be “Report Sent” to IMC. You must have above 410 Euros in your account, and the card is active for international transactions. I will share each step of the account setting in detail below.


  1. Visit the IMC website
  2. Click “Doctors Login”
  3. Click “Register Now”
  4. The “New User Account” page will open. Click the arrow for next.
  5. Enter your e-mail and desired username/password and click next. Use your e-mail which is always with you and is your personal e-mail account.
  6. Now fill in all your personal details carefully and click next. Select Dr in “Title”.
  7. A window will pop up mentioning your transaction reference ID and message that an e-mail has been sent. It would be best to record your ID. Don’t wait for an e-mail as it will be sent in 1 or 2 days.
  8. Again, go to the “Doctors Login” tab and enter your username/password which you made in step 5. Your account will open.
  9. Now click “Complete Application”. Choose your desired options below. If you are a first-time applicant, then NO for both questions and click next. Click OK if WARNING window pop-ups.
  10. Fill in your personal details and click next.
  11. Choose NO for Internship Registration. You are here for General Registration and not for Internship. Then choose from wherever you have graduated. If it’s not there, then select the last option, which says, “Do not meet criteria”.
  12. On the next tab click “Certificate of Experience route” if you are exempted from the PRES exam, and your house job meets General Registration's criteria. Write your EPIC ID in the blank below and click next.
  13. Now Click to add a qualification. Enter your country/medical school/medical qualification (MBBS). Tick the box of Basic Qualification. Enter your start date which you can find on our College Transcript. Write the Conferral date which you will find on your MBBS degree. Click Save and Next.
  14. Click Yes for this option as you are registered with your home country council like PM&DC in Pakistan.
  15. Enter details of PMDC. Write Full General Registration in “Type of Registration” Click next
  16. Click NO in all options. Give it a quick read just for your information.
  17. Now you will add all the detail of what you have been doing since you left your college, starting from your House job/Internship. Add rotations 1 by 1. Every time you add detail—Click Add Experience. (See below for a sample)
  18. Now follow instructions and click next. Click Proceed with Application
  19. In Professional Indemnity Requirements, tick option 1 and tick all boxes for Declaration.
  20. Now, skim all declarations on the next page and tick all boxes and click next.
  21. The warning message will popup. Click Proceed and pay for your Application/Account Fee.

Sample Experience Entry

Post Held: House Officer

Specialty held: Medicine/Surgery/Pead’s/Ortho

If you cannot find your minor specialty like Neurosurgery, you can choose Surgery.

Employer Name: Name of Hospital.

Employer Address. Hospital address.

If you want to add your experience after house job. Similarly, write Medical Officer in the post held and so on.

If you want to add Maternity leaves/study leaves/marriage breaks, write the reason in the post held, select dates, and choose N/A (Not Applicable) for specialty held/employer name/address.


Documents needed to be sent by courier to IMC.

IMC will e-mail you, which I mentioned in step 7 above. This e-mail contains your “Cover Letter.” 

You must attach a Color photocopy of your Passport and OET Result card with a Cover Letter and send it to IMC via email.

Passport must be notarised. Get the notary stamp from any solicitor. You can find them near the courts of your city.

Scan documents and send it via email.


Irish Medical Council

Upper Ground Floor and 5th Floor

Block 9 (Europa House)

Harcourt Centre

Harcourt Street

Dublin 2

D02 WR20

Phone #

 +353 1 4983100





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110 thoughts on “How To set-up Irish Medical Council Account?

  1. Serotonin surge

    Thanks a lot. That’s a very helpful post.
    Kindly guide if we can add a job experience for which we do not have any experience certificate? The appointment letter and joining report ia there but the hospital did not issue any experience certificate despite requesting.
    What kind of documents are acceptable as a proof of employment? At what stage do they ask for these documents?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      A combination of Joining letter and resignation letter will be fine. If you’re still doing the job, you can attach latest payslip as proof of job.

      • Humera Malik

        Do IMC accept pmdc at any age or not in late 58/60.for training in Fellowship.or they like experience certificate..What attracts them more

        • Ahsan Zeeshan

          Dear Dr unfortunately we have discontinued our paid services. Information already available is still free to read. If you want to get in contact with team please select one of our packages which suites your query . Thankyou

  2. I want to know how to fill genform.please guide .

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Please see under section of Tips and tricks regarding Irish registration process!


  3. irza shamraiz

    hey hope you are doing great!
    i want to know.i completed my 5 year of MBBS from china and due to covid i have to came back my country pakistan for internship,im on internship,but for PMC(pakistan medical council) internship is replaced with house job,i cant do house job coz my university asked me to do internship,during apply for IMC what if pmc dont want to verify my internship certificate,do i need to write my PMC exam and get experienced as a HOUSE OFFICER? or any way to help me,because im in pakistan offically ,i have offical stamp on my passport as well and im doing internship in pakistan..please help me.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Irza!

      Unfortunately! You have to do housejob and do all exams to get your experience verified from PMC.

  4. Mohammad Bilal

    My ielts will expire in Novmeber 2022. Do i have enough time to start epic and get IMC registration?
    I have also heard that i need a valid ielts when applying for a job after IMC registration. I am worried about the timings. Please let me know. Thanks

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      You’ll have time. This process will take 2-3 months. Also, depending upon how much time your college and PMC takes, it may vary a little.

      • Do we need to set up account before our verification of experience from PMDC?
        Or we should wait for the accreditation of experience first?

        • Ahsan Zeeshan

          Dear Dr we have discontinued our free services but information already present is free to read. Please select one of our packages to get individual guidance from our team. Thanks

  5. I am making the payment but it’s not accepting what’s wrong do they Email right at that time once payment has been done or does it takes a day . Sometimes they say transaction has already been in process and sometimes they say payment failed. Now i am confused whether it’s already done or not

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Please refresh and try again. Otherwise contact IMC for this issue.

      Thank you !

  6. Cover letter and oet card should be notarised or not or just the passport because in the email they have mentioned all the documents must be atttested

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Just passport needs to be attested


      • Hi
        Thanks for taking the time to post all this.
        I wanted to ask what a cover letter is?
        Do we need to get oet result printed out or does oet send results to council like they do with gmc plab 1 exam?

        • Ahsan Zeeshan

          Print out your result card and send!
          Cover letter is email that is send to you when you apply for imc and they ask for documents number 123 etc. print that and send your oet and notarised passport copy with that to imc address.

          • Mudassira

            Oet and degree also need to be notarized as I am in England how can I get them notarized and it it on true to try that be it to will.take 6 months from the to day u be enter into no IMC account

          • Ahsan Zeeshan

            You can ask any one in pakistan to get it done! Thanks

  7. what about personal indemnity form… during application form filling there was a section to upload indemnity form . but i dont have any , should i proceed to payment

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Just select the indemnity option as advised and proceed to payment!


  8. M Arsalan

    thank you so much. i just submitted my application after following above steps.. i want to ask about cover letter. i have received email from Irish medical council stating that application submitted and kindly send the documents in link below. but i haven’t received any cover letter.Is this checklist mentioned in COE route my cover letter??

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Yes checklist is the cover letter!
      Send this checklist with required documents!

  9. Hello, I have a question that right now I’m in Pakistan and I have started the process of IMC registration by making an EPIC account but I’ll move to the UK by 2-3 months, can I complete the rest of IMC registration process from the UK and move to Ireland from the UK?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr

      Yes you can complete the process and move to ireland.

      • Thank you, I wanted to ask that by the end we need to send passport to IMC, can I notarise and send passport from the UK having initiated application from Pakistan?

  10. Do we have to send the original passport or just the photocopy of passport along with photocopy of OET result to IMC by post?
    Secondly how would they give visa on our passport via Irish embassy or online?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear kamran

      1: just notarised photocopy
      2: you will apply online and submit documents

  11. Hey! Thank you for a wonderful blog. I hope you are well.
    I wanted to ask you about adding experience. I have a
    year and half experience of general surgery before starting my residency. However, there’s a gap of few days between the dates of relieving from last job and joining my residency. So the site prompts for missing dates and does not accept because of date gaps. Is it possible to skip this experience for now and attach the experience certificate while applying for job?
    Also, there’s total of 3 years gap between ending of my house job and apply for imc registration.
    I was studying for steps and etc so couldn’t really work at that time. How do you suggest i should handle this while applying for registration?
    Thanks again for your massive help!

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Thanks for your message!

      You can fill your gaps by putting following
      1: carrier breaks
      2: any community work
      3: study breaks



      • Thank you for your reply.
        One last thing i wanted to ask is about personal indemnity. They show several points and lists of various hospitals to choose from
        I’m concerned that will i have to mention that i will be immediately applying for job and move to Ireland?
        Or can my registration still be processed if I don’t immediately plan to move there for a job?
        Thanks again!

        • Ahsan Zeeshan

          You can select according to your personal circumstances. No harm in either case.

  12. Thank you for all this information. I just applied for registration but did not get any cover sheet after submitting my application. I heard from someone (unofficial source) that cover sheet is no longer required by IMC as you just have to provide them with downlodable checklist (appears just before the payment page in online portal). Please please tell me which document to send them the checklist or official cover sheet (which i didn’t receive). Thank you

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      You can send with official cover sheet as well no issues!
      You have to send notarised passport and English test result copy by post!


  13. I graduated in January 2020 from China but due to covid lockdown I came back to Pakista in May 2020 from China and couldn’t start me Housejob untill January 2021 due to PMDC and PMC legal battles/issues , How should I cover this time period of 1 year while applying for IMC.

    • Although I did observership in a private hospital from August 2020 to January 2021.

      Also I wanted to ask wether in future if IMC or during job application someone will ask for this observership proof or proof of our job as medical officer in private hospital?

      • Considering I don’t have any experience certificate for that observership

  14. Hello guys
    I need some help
    Do you have any valid email account for the irish medical council?
    Besides, They ask to send a certificate for a good standing to them directly by my local medical council
    Where to send it? To which email account??
    I am very lost
    Please help!

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      If you read good standing part of this post you will understand all how to apply for good standing.

  15. Dr Seher

    I want to ask one thing.
    Due to poor knowledge about IMC registration process, i had started the steps haphazardly.
    I started making epic id and filled IMC regustration form at the same time. Now i have made epic id but i have to get my credential verified through epic. Meanwhile i got acknowledgement email for my IMC application form
    Now it will take me around 2-3 months to get my OET done and get my documents verified and send to imc. I want to ask if IMC will close the application during that delay time??
    How much time does IMC wait to receive documents before closing the application. Because they had mebtioned in that acknowledgement email that if we wont get the required documents, we will close your application.
    Plz anyone give info regarding that.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr! I am so sorry to hear what you are going from but please get guidance from IMC directly that until when they want documents. You can do OET in 1 and half month meanwhile getting all other documents ready. It will take you not more then 2 months. Give IMC reason that i was not aware of application pathway and now you need time. Hope they will consider.
      Now take guidance from this platform and post your questions here if you need help! Thanks
      Good luck

      • Dr Seher

        Thank you so much for your kind guidance. I’ll contact them regarding that today.

  16. Hi. I have applied for IMC registration and have paid the fee. I recieved an email from IMC about application acknowledgement but it does not include cover letter nor the list of documents to be send by post. Can we send these documents by our own without cover letter or should I wait for next email.
    And one thing more. Can we get our passport notarized by bank manager? Or any BS 17 grade officer?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Yea acceptable! Get it done from people outside courts in every city!

  17. Abdullah akram

    I know its insane but what if we add fake experience of 2,3 months as medical officer after house job to fill the job gap and for proof we make a fake letter pad for joining and resignation letter.Will it work?

    • Abdullah akram

      While making account of irish medical counsil.
      I have recently completed my house job 2 months ago .Done with EPIC regsitration now have to apply for irish medical counsil registration.Not doing any job bcz of prep of mrcp part 1 for august attempt.
      What should i do?

      • Ahsan Zeeshan

        I recommend to add some experience in your portfolio. You would need some experience with exams to get job.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      It is good if you add some extra activity instead of fake experience! You can also add exam preparation time.

  18. Is Registration with the Irish med council requires accreditation with WFME?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      There is no direct relation! But you would need to get your degree verified from EPIC anyhow. And that comes under ECFMG. If they verify your degree then you are ok to go ahead!

  19. Dr Seher

    Hello.. i have a question plz.
    Do we need to get our degree and PMC practical experience certificate verified by HEC/ Ministry of Foreign affairs before uploading these documents for EPIC verification??
    Or is there any need for their verification from these places in any step of IMC registration.
    Plz guide regarding this.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Not needed! Only EPIC verification! Upload directly! EPIC will itself verify it through institutions!

  20. Dr Salman Khan

    Are you sure that Irish Medical Council also accept these documents by email ?Is there any email or notice that justify this?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr Salman it is observed that many doctors sent it via email and they accepted! To confirm it please call Irish Medical Council directly.

  21. AOA,
    I applied for online IMC account and also sent the documents to IMC .I used to login to the IMC account on daily basis.Now ,i m unable to login from yesterday .I think account has been blocked. What to do next?
    How much time it will to unblock my account.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Every one is having same issue! Possibility is due to site maintenance!

  22. Hello,
    1.I want to ask about the testimonials(letters of recommendation), signed by the head of the department.Do we have to upload them on IMC account ,or we have to mention them in CV .Where can we use them!
    2. Same question about the research published and BLS .
    3. BLS done from american heart association is accepted in ireland or not as in UK they accept their own BLS programme!


    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      1: No use of letter of recommendation until they ask you to do so. And they rarely ask for that
      2: you can mention research bls in cv
      3: yes acceptable

  23. 4. How much teaching experience is acceptable. For example ,if we have taught some students for 2, 3 days in a private hospital of city( not tertiary care), will it be acceptable or not and what proof will be needed .Certificate issued by the hospital would be enogh or not!!

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      4: teaching would not count towards experience but it will have impact on cv. Dont write on cv for 2 3 days. Just mention teaching experience. Certificate would be fine!

  24. Munaza (from pmc)

    1.Is it possible and good idea to apply for observership after IMC registration while hunting for a job!!
    2.Is it possible to get attachment(observership) without IMC registration and if so can we get ireland visa on that base!
    3. Last thing, what is the procedure to apply for a clinical attachment in ireland!!


    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      1: observer ship/ clinical attachments in Ireland is hard to find. Reason is that they very rarely offer clinical attachment to IMGs instead they give SHO posts. So better to apply for your imc registration . Work on your CV and come as SHO. Thanks

      • Munaza (from pmc)

        Thanks for guiding.
        1.Kindly also make a post or blog about “Common interview questions and how to perform good in an interview”
        2.Any short book or site available for interview prep.!

  25. Qabsha Saleem

    Thank you for the detailed guide.
    I want to ask a few things,
    1.After establishing account and following all the mentioned steps and paying fee, shall we wait for their email to send the documents or send them directly via email?
    2.Their list of documents which needs to be sent to IMC contains EPIC reports for verification of house job and degree, these verified reports are sent directly to IMC by EPIC, what should we send them?
    3. The documents which they don’t have at this moment are language certificate, statement and notarized passport ( correct me if I’m wrong) so can I email them these documents instead of sending by post?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      1: The list of document they ask you to send you is the email they sent. What other email you are talking about? If you receive that then thats fine. If not then also no problem.
      2: epic will send those. You only need to provide epic number while filling imc application

      3: yes send these documents via email

  26. Hi , thanx for ur helpful website , i have few questins as today i filled my imc application
    1. In add experience section
    I forgot to mentione type of break in title , instead i wrote eg student ( as i was bussy with a research ) or doctor’s assistant ( or observor ) as i nver had a reg number of my country at that time ( to work as a medical officer ) , what do u suggest should i re type all experinces i added or this is alright ?
    2. When to apply for good standing ? Waiting for them to ask by a separate email or should i apply once i get mt cover letter
    3.on epic , payment page for send request , last line asking for a refrence number ( if applicabl ) , is it our imc account number ?? And how long does epic take to send docs to imc ?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      1: thats alright
      2: At least 4 wk after you applied for imc reg
      3: tes write imc number. As soon as they verify your document! They send report to imc

      • Thnx for ur quick reply
        Do we need an affidavit aswell ?
        how can i stay in touch with u in case of any urgent questions
        My no +989157571610


        • Ahsan Zeeshan

          No affidavit required ! You can msg here to get reply. Thanks

  27. Hi!
    Thanks for the detail guidelines. I am applying for IMC registration but i have not done any job after my housejob, that was completed in 2020. How should i explain my gap years? Are gap years acceptable?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      You can explain with study leaves, maternity leaves or marriage leaves etc.

  28. Muhammad Shafiq

    Please confirm, is there no need for EPIC Verification of experience other than House Job

  29. 1:Are they accepting notorized passport and oet result via email nowadays?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      By post

      • Muhammad Umer

        Can you tell me that my hj rotation is in general medicine and cardiology for 3 -3 months but cardiology is not in the list so what i have to select for that..?

  30. Hasan Shafique

    Hi there
    I wanted to apply for imc registration through
    “Certificate of Experience route” but during filling of the online application form, i cannot find the category of NEPHROLOGY in interface of the website while uploading my professional experience.

    I have experience of 3 months in Surgery, 3months in general medicine, 3 months in ophthalmology and 3.months in NEPHROLOGY.

    Kindly guide me about the category or under which tab I upload my NEPHROLOGY experience in online application form.

    ALSO during the professional experience uploading, there is no category of study breaks or anything.. how to add them in the application?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Select medicine please if no option for nephrology. I hope you can add manually in application regarding your gaps and all. Thanks

  31. Muhammad Shafiq

    I have received this email after online submission of application and application fee , plus I have sent notarized passport and OET Result on email provided by this website.
    Does this email means, I need to send passport and OET Result by postal address as well.
    Please help

    Dear 4 Shafiq,

    Your application for registration has been submitted. Please ensure that you submit all the required documents on your checklist

    Yours Sincerely,

    Registration Team

    Registration Section

  32. Muhammad Shafiq

    Bro I am much obliged to you for your quick response always.

    Please tell what is normal waiting time after submission of application for General Registration and after TCS post of Notarized passport and OET Result letter.

    Again thanks

  33. Muhammad Shafiq

    And ur website always confuses on comments being 2 years old😂😂😂

  34. Aoa.
    I received an email feomIMC executive registration in which they mentioned to send documents (notorized passport , epic report , ielts result ) they mentioned to contact ielts to have access to IMC online . But aeo office denies such thing. Aeo office is saying that they can only DHL the result n cannot make it online … what should I do ..

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Get guidance from IMC directly please. Ask AEO to send result to IMC on thr behalf as well. Thanks

  35. As I have not received any cover letter . But they mentioned In email to send documents by post . Should i attach email with my documents ?

  36. Hi i am in trouble. PMC mentioned wrong year in my practical experience in my second rotation and i noticed it while doing IMC registration. i have already done its verification process as well. what should i do now please suggest ;(

  37. Aoa seniors,
    I want to konw that the Cover Letter will be the same for every one who is applying on COE route from Pakistan? If yes, then can we copy and print any cover letter of COE route and send it to the IMC by post alongwith our passport and OET result? (If we forgot to print our own cover letter during online application submission!)
    Thank you in advance

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      List of documents required to submit when you got your email! That is actually cover letter! You can print and send that with your documents!

  38. hello, i wanted to ask whether we only send photocopies of the required documents ( notarised passport, oet result and cover letter checklist) or do we also include our cv aswell?

  39. Johar Raza

    I just completed my application and submitted it. I am also ECFMG certified. So basically I have two queries:
    1- I forgot to enter my PMC registration details and only put my ECFMG details
    2- It is written on site that authority which has given you a registration must send the good standing directly to IMC. however, there is no option on ECFMG site to send the good standing certificate to IMC.

    please let me know what should I do.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Good standing is sent by PMC to IMC. Apply in PMC online. Guidelines in this website. Thanks

  40. Dr.Ariba

    I have completed my FCPS training of 4 years in Medicine and Allied from Karachi based teaching hospital. Currently I’m doing SMO job in a tertiary care hospital for last 2 years. I would like to know regarding the job position for myself in Ireland since I’m in the process of applying to IMC. Where would I fit in?
    Looking forward to your response.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Keep your CV updated ! Do some courses and apply on right time at right place. All explained on website. Thanks

  41. Hi, I wanted to know can i apply only on my housejob experience?
    Is it important to mention the career gap? or post-hj experience?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      You can apply on your housejob experience! You can always add career gaps study maternity gaps etc. thanks

  42. Is this portal still active for questions regarding IMC registration

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr, we have stopped our paid services. But content already here is free to read.Please visit our packages for personal guidance . Thanks

  43. Dr Syed Muzammil

    Hi there, thanks for all this beautiful work and platform, can just tell me how much money is required (fees) for making IMC account and getting license, apart from expenditures of PMC certificates and EPIC verification?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr this is paid service. Information on website is free to read. If you need answer to your query from team please subscribe to the package to get in contact.Thanks

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