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GP Training In Ireland

How to Prepare for SJT and CPST for GP Training in Ireland

Introduction to the SJT and CPST by ICGP

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and Clinical Problem Solving Test (CPST) are vital components of the selection process for GP Training in Ireland. These tests were first introduced by the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) in 2023. They assess the non-clinical attributes and clinical decision-making skills essential for future GPs.

SJT Exam Format

The SJT comprises approximately 40 scenarios reflecting real-life situations a hospital doctor might face. The exam evaluates attributes such as professionalism, empathy, integrity, and the ability to manage pressure. It measures pro-social behavior rather than clinical knowledge.

Key Elements:

  • Question Types:
    • Ranking Questions: Rank options from 1 (most appropriate) to 5 (least appropriate).
    • Multiple Choice Questions: Choose 3 appropriate options from a list of 8.
  • Scoring: Aligns with attributes relevant to GP work. Scores are used for shortlisting candidates for interviews and final training placements.

10 Effective Strategies for SJT Preparation

  1. Start Your Preparation Early: Give yourself plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the format and structure of the SJT. Early preparation ensures you have ample time to revise and reduces last-minute stress. Aim to start at least 2-3 months before your test date. Download these SJT & CPST Sample Questions and try to solve before starting your preparation to know where you stand.
  2. Understand Good Medical Practice: Familiarize yourself with the Irish Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics. This knowledge is crucial as it aligns your answers with the ethical standards expected in the Irish healthcare system. Focus on key areas such as patient confidentiality, consent, and ethical decision-making.
  3. Utilize Available Resources: Make use of online resources like GPQuestPro, which offers a comprehensive question bank and grand mocks. These resources are tailored to the Irish SJT and CPST, ensuring you prepare according to the guidelines expected in Ireland.
  4. Practice Timing: Time management is crucial. Practice with timed mock exams to get a feel for the pacing. Develop a strategy for how long you should spend on each question to avoid running out of time. Be strict with yourself during practice to ensure you complete all questions within the allotted time.
  5. Think Practically: When answering questions, place yourself in the actual scenario and consider reasonable actions. This practical approach helps you make decisions that are both theoretically sound and applicable in real-life situations.
  6. Practice on a Computer: Familiarize yourself with the online exam interface to ease navigation on test day. Practicing on a computer helps you get used to the digital format and reduce anxiety during the actual exam.
  7. Read the Question First: Reading the question before the scenario helps you focus on relevant information. This strategy can save time and improve accuracy.
  8. Don’t Make Assumptions: Avoid making assumptions based on limited information provided in the scenarios. Answer each question using only the information given to ensure accuracy.
  9. Double-Check Responses: Ensure all answers are clearly marked to avoid losing marks due to transcription errors. Double-checking helps catch any mistakes or misinterpretations.
  10. Take Breaks: Short breaks during the exam can help maintain focus and reduce fatigue. Taking brief breaks can refresh your mind, allowing you to approach each question with renewed concentration.

Resources to Prepare From

Irish Resources:

  • GPQuestPro:
    • Question Bank: Access to over 600 questions, covering both SJT and CPST scenarios with detailed explanations.
    • Grand Mocks: Two high-yield mocks mimicking past papers to enhance your preparation.
    • Clinical E-Notes: Comprehensive notes releasing at the end of August 2024.

Other Resources (UK) 

  • Passmedicine
  • Passtest
  • Emedica

Why Choose Irish Preparation Material?

Relevance to Irish Guidelines: Irish preparation materials, like GPQuestPro, are aligned with the Irish Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics, ensuring you prepare according to the guidelines and principles expected in Ireland.

Targeted Preparation: Using resources specifically designed for the Irish SJT provides scenarios and guidelines relevant to the Irish healthcare system, giving you a better edge in the exam.

No Other Q-Bank give access to SJT and CPST (Clinical Part) in one subscription.

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