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Doctors pay has always been repeatedly discussed topic and it always attract the doctors.

After reading this post you will get brief insight about pays of Doctors who are working in IRELAND in HSE and in private hospitals

Senior House Officer:

SHO pay scale is divided into 7 grades and each grade has set pays per/anum. Hourly rate range from 22 to 28 Euro approximately.This is a basic pay which you will get before tax. This pay scale was renewed on 01/10/2021. Please note that in Ireland doctors are paid fortnightly( Every 14th day).

Grade 1: 46,058 Euros.

Grade 2: 48,344 Euros.

Grade 3: 51,772 Euros.

Grade 4: 54,028 Euros.

Grade 5: 58,567 Euros.

Grade 6: 60,822 Euros.

Grade 7: 63023 Euros.

Grade 1 SHO salary after Tax Deduction: Lets discuss grade 1 and all other grade could be calculated accordingly. SHO grade 1 is 46K Euros per/anum.If you divide 46 by 12 to calculate monthly; it would be around 3800 Euros. Wait ! This is before tax. If you further deduct 40% of tax then 40% of 3800 is almost 1500. Minus this from 3800 so it would be 2300 Euros. You will get this 2300 Euros per month in 2 divided pays of around 1200 as I told you before that doctors are paid fortnightly. Likewise you can calculate it for grade 7; it would be around 3200 Euros per month.

Donโ€™t worry this is just your basic pay if you work 39 hours/week.

You will get pay for extra hours you spend on duty and every month you do lots of extra hours depending upon your calls.

So, If you work in Medicine your take home salary would be around 2800 to 3500 Euro depending upon your grade and extra hours.

If you work in Emergency Medicine department your working hours are usually more so you earn around 3000 to 3700 Euro.

Surgical SHO usually earn even more because there working hours are even more. They some time earn from 3500 to 4200 Euro per months depending upon hours and grade.

Remember again this is only when you do extra hours i.e more then 39 hours/week.If you work 39 hours weekly you will get your basic pay as discussed above.


Registrar pay scale is divided into 6 grades. Hourly rates are from 26 to 31 Euro.

Grade 1: 58,567 Euros.

Grade 2: 60,822 Euros.

Grade 3: 63,023 Euros.

Grade 4: 64,642 Euros.

Grade 5: 66,801 Euros.

Grade 6: 68,968 Euros.

Note that pay scale of Registrar level 1 is equal to SHO grade 5. You can calculate your basic pay according to above description.

How the pay scale is given to a doctor?

Which pay scale you will get depends on your years of experience. Please note that experience of only Teaching/Tertiary care hospitals and postgraduate training hospitals are accepted.

Example 1: If you have worked in tertiary care hospital for 3 years and you are selected as SHO; you will be given SHO grade 4. If 3 years experience is of any private hospital which is not a training hospital then you will be kept at SHO grade 1.

Private hospital experience is only considered if it is a postgraduate training hospital.

Example 2: If you are selected as a registrar and your work experience is 5 years in tertiary care hospital then you will be given registrar grade 1.

Example 3: If you have 10 years work experience and you are selected as SHO you will get maximum grade of 7.

Private hospitals:

Private hospital pays in Ireland are more then HSE. But again; you wont be enjoying the perks which government(HSE) provides to doctors.

Private hospital offers around 70k to 90K Euro pays before tax depending upon your work experience.

I hope now you have better understanding about the pay scales of doctors. Now the next question is! Is this pay enough for you?? This will be discussed in separate post ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Download below the official HSE pay scale document and refer to page 9.

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26 thoughts on “Doctors Pay In Ireland

  1. AOA,
    Pay of doctors is more or less in ireland as compared to UK ?
    If a person has both options of UK and Ireland which would be better keeping in mind the working environment and overall facilities !

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Pays are more or less same. If you have option then UK is good when it comes to training opportunities!

      • Ambreen Aqeel

        can you please elaborate what fields have training opportunities?

        • Ahsan Zeeshan

          GP is on top in Ireland! Other trainings are hard to get in but not impossible!

  2. AOA,
    I have applied for my IMC account after EPIC verification.In the mean time ,i have also booked Plab 1 in november.I have passed MRCP part 1 .
    Is it possible to give Plab 2 while working in Ireland! Can we get enough leaves and time for plab 2 !

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Yes you can give plab 2 while working in Ireland. You can utilise your annual leaves for that!

  3. Ahsan Bhai,

    My sister is a Consultant Dermatologist, how can he come to Ireland to get the Job please ? Which option is best for Dermatologist, UK or Ireland ?

  4. Muhammed wasim

    What will be pay scale of someone has a 3 years experience of DHQ in Pakistan and 4 years experience of teaching hospital as a trainee?

  5. Muhammad

    Salaam Ahsan bhai, please reply.

    When should we apply for Good standing certificate?
    After reports are verified by EPIC?
    Or after we have submitted them to EPIC?

    Please guide on this timeline.

    And also how long does it take for verification by EPIC of housejob?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      After 1 month of sending all your documents to IMC

      Almost 1 month for epic verification

  6. Fawad Gul

    I am currently working in Ireland as SHO and i am paid 28.7 euros per hour.
    What scale am i ? SHO4 or 5?
    Please tell.

  7. Is it good to be an sho 1 for a transit temporary time as i have ultimate goal to give plab .so is it good to apply for imc or work as trainee in pakistan ? Is the salary enough to stay there? Being sho 1

  8. I’ve done fcps radiology in pakistan. Which post will i be selected on? Does they accept Pakistan’s fcps degree to apply as consultant?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Please apply through general registration . Also take guidance from IMC website for your pathway. Thanks

  9. Aoa Dr sahab! I have some Questions regarding the IMC account. I made my IMC account last night. While sending my passport and Ielts via courier, I didn’t send any cover letter. Will this be any issue? Also, while filling the form, I wrote in pmc registration type as “Basic” instead of Permanent; also in the indemnity section I tick marked 5 not 1 and 3. Plz can you tell me will there be any problem for me later or in my acceptance of application?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      If you are registering via housejob experience it should be permanent.
      Check list they send is a cover letter itself.
      You can change option at the end when they reconfirm it just before giving you registration. Thanks

  10. In continuation to my above comment, Sir I also applied for pmc good standing certificate last night and they dispatched it to imc today. I didn’t know when to do it, so I applied for it instantly after I submitted my imc application. Will this also create any problem for me?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Usually it should be applied few weeks after submitting documents because expiry date of GS cert is 3 months for IMC. Anyhow if they ask you again for it after expiry then you must send them again. Thanks


    AOA Dr Ahsan, i have completed my IMC registration and my status is active now. I dont know from where to start with for job application, plus i also need some guidance regarding my CV. how to make it more appealing for the hospitals. your assistance in this regard would be highly appreciated.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Please see other section/post on same website for guidance! Thanks

  12. Irina Popovici

    Why tax is 40%? As far as I now, anything up to 46,000 has 20% tax, and everything over it will be taxed as 40%

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Unfortunately we have discontinued our paid services. Please select from our packages and our team will get back to you. Thanks

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