IMGs in Ireland/UK

Guide For Physicians and Surgeons for Irish/UK Pathway

Introduction: There are 2 educational support schemes for doctors which provide refund to various courses, examination and conferences to all doctors working in Ireland who hold current HSE NCHD contract for minimum 12 Weeks of time.

1: NCHD Training Support Scheme (TSS)

2: Clinical Courses & Examination Refund Scheme (CCERS)

You can get access to both schemes once you have got a job and your NER portal is ready to use. HR of respective hospital control the refunds and other matter related to schemes.

Advantage: These both schemes provide financial benefits to doctors which is a huge support obviously.

NCHD TSS Scheme: This scheme provide a set amount to doctors which they can use in 1 educational year (July-July).

Intern: 750 Euro SHO & Registrar: 1250 Euro SPRs/GP Registrar in training : 2000 Euro

This scheme cover: *Exams and clinical courses which are not covered under CCER scheme. * Research/Publications fee. *Transportation. *Accommodation. *Subsistence

Download the detailed document for TSS scheme below.

CCER Scheme: In this scheme no amount is set for doctors and there is no limit to number of applications made by individual doctor however, refund is only applicable once per clinical course per applicant or successful examination.

This scheme cover:

*Approved clinical courses. *Anaesthesiology exams. *Emergency Medicine exams. *General Practice exams. *General Medicine exams. * Gynae/Obs exams. *Occupational Medicine exams. *Ophthalmology exams. *Paediatric exams. *Psychiatry exams. *Various Surgical and Radiology speciality exams

Download the detailed document for CCER Scheme below.

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