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Guide For Physicians and Surgeons for Irish/UK Pathway

1: New Laptop/Tablet Scheme

As part of the Training Support Scheme (TSS), you can receive a reimbursement of up to €1000 for the acquisition of a laptop OR tablet, which will be counted within your TSS allowance. This benefit can be claimed once every four years, starting from the date of purchase (according to the receipt), commencing from 9th January 2023 onwards. It's important to note that laptops/tablets purchased before 9th January 2023 are not eligible for this scheme.

Claim yours on your NER Portal !!!!

Once you have bought the laptop. Upload receipt of it in Laptop Scheme on TSS section on your NER Portal.

You will get refund of up to 1000 Euros. If you have bought laptop above 1000 Euros then you wont be able to claim amount above 1000 Euros.

2: Increase in Individual TSS allowance for SHO/Reg/Sprs

Here's a table summarizing the changes in allowances for different grades:

Grade Current Allowance Per Year to New Allowance Per Year

*Intern €750 to €1250
*SHO/Registrar €1250 to €1750
*SpR/Psychiatry SRs on a training scheme/GP Registrars €2000 to €2500

3. Claim your Microsoft 365 and Research statistical softwares as mentioned in guide document.

Read all new changes on below guide

New TSS policy guide document

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