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Guide For Physicians and Surgeons for Irish/UK Pathway

By Dr Azeem Minhas

These documents help the visa officer in making a decision on your application. Prepare your documents carefully.

You must support your application with all information you consider relevant. The visa officer will consider each application based on the information received and may ask for additional information or documents to be provided.

You are not guaranteed that your application will be successful if you submit all of the required or requested documents. 

Documents Required for ALL APPLICATIONS 

1- Passport and it’s copy

2-Photographs x3 white background passport size

3- Signed and dated summary form from the online application system 

4- Letter of application 

5- Finances 

6-Previous visa refusals and criminal convictions 

7- Fees 

8-Biometric Information – If you are resident in certain countries 


10- Letters of support from business, company other organisations (including educational institutions) 

11-If you are visiting in another state prior to travelling to Ireland, you must have the relevant visa for that state in your passport before applying for an Irish visa 

12- If you are living in another state prior to travelling to Ireland, you must have the relevant immigration permission for that state in your passport before applying for an Irish visa. 


13-You must provide evidence of the claimed relationship. It is your responsibility to show proof as to the genuineness of the relationship. 

The nature of the evidence required will depend on the relationship claimed, for example, spouse, civil partner, de facto partner, child. 

Below are some of the main types of relationships claimed and supporting documentation required. 

Spouse or civil partner 

-Marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate – marriages/civil partnerships must be capable of recognition under Irish law for other purposes outside of the immigration system (In case of Pakistani origin needs copy of Urdu Nikahnama and its translation attested by Notary from high court,MOFA Attested Marriage Registration Certificate and MOFA attested Family registration Certificate issued by NADRA)

-If your sponsor (spouse/civil partner) is residing in Ireland and you have not resided together since your marriage/civil partnership, you must also provide a full account of your relationship history (where and when you met evidenced by e.g. visas, entry/exit stamps on the passport of your spouse, photographs, correspondence by e-mail, telephone) 

• For immigration purposes it is not sufficient for a relationship to have developed solely over the internet or by telephone/sms. A relationship must include a number of face to face meetings (excluding webcam) between the parties. 


Child (under 18 years and unmarried) 

- Birth certificate/ adoption order (In case of Pakistani Origin needs MOFA Attestation of Birth Certificate)

-In the case of a child from a previous marriage or relationship, evidence that you have been given full custody and access rights to the child such as a court order - In the case of a child from a previous marriage or relationship, where the other parent has some custody or access rights, a sworn affidavit by that parent consenting to the child being removed from their home country. 


De facto partner (a de facto partnership refers to a relationship similar to marriage including cohabitation for 2 years prior to the application for family reunification) 

• Evidence that will support the existence and durability of your relationship, for example, registration certificate of partnership (if applicable), evidence of common ownership of property, joint tenancy of property, on-going correspondence addressed to both partners at the same address, financial dependence/interdependence or any other relevant documentary evidence 

• A full account of your relationship history (where and when you met evidenced by for example, visas, entry/exit stamps on the passport of partner, photographs, correspondence by e-mail, telephone) 

14-A Sponsor Letter from the person who is sponsoring with all bank statements,a copy of passport and their job details and payslips.A copy of their current employment permit/researcher (scientific) hosting agreement or other evidence of eligibility to sponsor .


15-If you are making your application on the basis of financial and social dependency on your sponsor you must provide documentary evidence to establish that you are actually dependent on your sponsor. While the nature of the documentary evidence may vary from case to case evidence of the following will normally be relevant: 

-Amount, frequency and duration of the financial support provided by your sponsor (for example, copies of your sponsor’s bank statements showing transfers to your account, copies of your bank statements showing receipt of those amounts) 

-Any other sources of income that you may have - If you have no other source of income, evidence of why you are unable to work, why you are not eligible for state benefits -Your living costs (e.g. evidence of mortgage/rent, utility, food, medical, education payments) 

- Details of any other family members in your country of residence 

-Your medical condition (where relevant), relationship with the sponsor including evidence of active and continuous involvement in your life, for example, evidence of visits, correspondence. 

16-Evidence of Finances: You must provide evidence of your finances and those of your sponsor including evidence to show that your sponsor meets the minimum level of earnings required 



•A detailed statement of your bank accounts covering a six month period immediately prior to your application. 

- A detailed statement of your sponsor’s bank accounts covering a six month period immediately prior to your application 


If self-employed you must submit Notices of Assessment of income from self- employment for the three most recent years, and evidence of earnings in the period since the most recent tax return was filed.

•In the case of a sponsor who is resident in Ireland, evidence that they meet the minimum level of earnings required: 


Employment Detail Summary from Revenue for the 3 years immediately prior to the date of your application and 3 recent consecutive payslips. If self-employed you must submit Notices of Assessment of income from self- employment for the three most recent years, and evidence of earnings in the period since the most recent tax return was filed.

Visa Process For Pakistani Candidates:

Gerry’s Visa(VFS Global) are the official partner for applying Ireland Visa from Pakistan.To apply visa open following site

After going to the above mentioned link,You will choose Long Stay and Single Entry Visa for category of Employment Visa and for spouse it will again be Long Stay Single entry Visa that falls in Join a Family Visa Category (non EEA nat.spouse for wife and non EEA other,For children).All the applicants must make separate applications for Visa.Once you complete the application form and submit it to the system,you will be automatically directed to VFS official site for appointment and paying of fees.Book the appointments of yourself,spouse and children on same day as this will require only one set of documents for all of you.If you have appointments on separate days,You must submit separate set of documents.

Currently in Pakistan,there are 4 visa centers for this purpose;Karachi,Lahore,Islamabad and Mirpur.Usually Mirpur has earlier dates available for appointments.Visa Center will scan all of your documents and once uploaded,Documents will be returned to you.Please,carry all documents in A4 size of paper as there scanners only process these pages.

Further,Take guidance from this official document

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  1. Sarah tariq

    Hello. I want to ask as soon as I will get registered from IMC and also get job. Do they provide family visa? Will the family move at the very first time with me or it take time to proceed with family visa after I will get the job. Thanks in anticipation

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      90% family visa is issued with you! Sometimes they give visa few months after. It depends!

    • HEY SALAM !

      • Ahsan Zeeshan

        Yes your husband can come with you on family visa and he can live with you! He can go to pakistan and can visit again to renew his visa card which is called GNIB. It is difficult with 2 child for you alone! You need someone with you!

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  3. Hi , I just want to know if I need to submit any consent forms from my husband or any documents other than my child birth certificate and our marriage certificate along with finance documents to apply join family visa for my kid while my husband and our second kid will stay in our home country for two more years and then will join us.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr this is paid service. Information on website is free to read. If you need answer to your query from team please subscribe to the package to get in contact.Thanks

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