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Post Job Offer Process

Ireland Travel Information for IMGs

Before Travel


Protector Stamp

Before you travel, you must have a Protector stamp on your passport from the Bureau of Immigration & Overseas Employment (BEOE). Every region has its own office, which you can search on Google. For Example, the Lahore-Faisalabad region office is in Model Town, Lahore. I advise you to go 2-4 days before your travel date. It is a whole 1-day activity, and you must submit the required documents with the original passport early morning at 10 am and get your passport stamped at 4 pm. 2 sets of the following documents are required.

  1. Original passport
  2. Job Contract (Colored Photocopy)
  3. Work Permit (Colored Photocopy)
  4. Passport 1st-2nd-and Irish Visa Page (Colored Photocopy)
  5. ID Card (Colored Photocopy)
  6. Any Family member ID Card (Colored Photocopy)
  7. Bank ATM Card Front Side (Colored Photocopy)

Once you reach the office, they will guide you, direct you to pay the required fee (Almost 7,000 Pak Rupees), fill the online form at https://beoe.gov.pk/, and submit all documents and receive your passport in the evening.


Air Tickets

One-way air ticket (Economy class) to Dublin is from 60-95 thousand Pak Rupees depending on the date and time you buy the ticket. The following airlines are operational.

  1. Virgin Atlantic via London Heathrow to Dublin
  2. Emirates via Dubai to Dublin
  3. Etihad via Abu-Dhabi to Dublin
  4. Turkish Airline via Istanbul to Dublin


After Arrival


Dublin Airport to your destination

From Dunlin airport you can take a Bus/Taxi and reach your destination. Various bus services are functional Inter-City as well as Outside Dublin to different cities. Make your travel plan before arrival and search your bus and its timings/routes on Google.

Visit this link for Inter-city Bus Service.

Visit this link for the bus to different cities.

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