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Accommodation Search and Average Rent

Accommodation in Ireland

Accommodation expenses in Ireland vary from place to place. For Example, apartments are more costly in big and busy cities like Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and Galway, and cheaper in small cities with less population.

How to find an apartment?

  • You can request your HR department to guide you regarding accommodation. Some HR do pay for temporary accommodation for a few weeks.
  • Google search for contacts of auctioneers near your hospital and ask them to arrange accommodation for you.
  • Post your requirements on social media (Facebook groups)
  • Ask your friends if anyone is already working in Ireland, you might be able to sign a lease before coming to Ireland in that case. Please do not sign the lease if you don’t have any contacts in Ireland. Keep in contact with the prospective landlords and sign the lease after taking a look at the apartment.
  • Book local hotels or Airbnb (in advance) for a couple of days, and search for your accommodation while you are in Ireland. Search on these websites.




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Average Rent of Apartments

The average rent of 1 and 2-bedroom apartments in big cities are 1000-1500 euros and 1600-2500 Euros, respectively. It can vary depending on facilities and distance from your workplace.

On the other hand, the average rent for 1 and 2 bedrooms in small cities is 700-1000 Euros and 1100-1500 Euros respectively.

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  1. Mohan
    March 2, 2024 Reply

    Thanks a lot for your description about the irish route for img doctors. I’m a graduate from Srilanka and have clinical experience in psychiatry for 8 years. I have ielts score of 7 too. Can I exempt from pres 3 exam to get General registration.?

    • IMGs In Ireland
      March 7, 2024 Reply


      Thanks for your message! Unfortunately Sri Lanka is not on IMC list for exemption pathway!


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