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Jobs For IMGs in the Republic of Ireland


There are some misconceptions and truths regarding jobs in Ireland. A misconception is that you cannot secure a job in Irish hospitals, and the truth is that it is challenging to get a job, and you must be competent enough to secure a job in Ireland.


NCHD (Non-Consultant-Hospital-Doctor) jobs start between January and July. Job offers for January induction run from September-December. Similarly, Job offers for July induction run from April-June.

NCHD includes SHO (Senior House Officer) and Registrar.

You must have experience of 4-5 years or more in your home country for a registrar post. You can apply for SHO as soon as you get your IMC registration.


How to apply for jobs?

You can apply for jobs in three different ways.

  1. Search for jobs at the official HSE website, where maximum jobs are advertised from time to time.
  2. Apply directly to the hospitals' website. Many hospital jobs are advertised mainly on the official HSE website, but some hospitals also advertise on websites. Visit the hospital website of your choice and regularly check the career section.
  3. You can also apply through recruitment agencies. Only a few doctors are selected from recruitment agencies, but if they require your expertise, you can secure a job from them as well. Some of the recruitment agencies are listed below. Subscribe to these websites so that when jobs are listed, you could get an e-mail.


How to secure an Interview?

Securing an interview call could be a challenging job, so I advise remaining calm and working on your CV to show your competencies to the employer. There are specific ways of showing your competency.

  1. You must hold IMC General Registration, and your IELTS/OET should be valid while applying for jobs.
  2. You must write a professional CV mentioning your competencies.
  3. You must write an Excellent Cover Letter to stand out.
  4. BLS/ACLS and online courses could also help you to secure an interview call.
  5. Teaching experience
  6. Research, audits, and publications in international journals.
  7. Any other community work or other useful certificates might help.



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26 thoughts on “Jobs For IMGs in the Republic of Ireland

  1. Dr Abd Ul Slam

    MashAllah great! Ahsan bhae keep up the good work to help us all. This platform is really a great source of information. And it almost has all the information about the whole process.

    Dr. Abd Ul Slam

  2. Can you please share your email address

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Zaeem!

      Sory for late reply!

      Please you can ask any question here to get quick reply from now onwards!


  3. Mehjabeen

    If someone didn’t get the job even after 2 years of registration in IMC, will their registration get expired or not ?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      No or wouldn’t if you pay your registration fee. You can always reactivate if your registration is not activated.

  4. Amina Tariq

    What if we are registered with IMC and now the OET expires. Is it possible to find job or do we need to retake the oet exam ?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Keep applying for the jobs! Some time they take it even if oet is expired. Sometime When they find out your oet is expired they offer you a post and ask you to retake oet and give joining then! So keep applying for jobs if you have active registration!

  5. AOA,
    1.If u are registered with IMC recently and u have also passed MRCP part1 ,has done BLS ,has a research published in international journel and OET is also valid while applying for jobs.
    How much estimated time it could take from applying job to secure a job in Ireland !
    2. What other things could be done to improve your cv that impact the most apart from teaching !


    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      You have good portfolio to get SHO job! Do some more online courses! And make your CV easy to understand and read! Attach cover letter while applying jobs!

      • Can you recommend me some online courses either paid or unpaid that are worth taking!

        • Ahsan Zeeshan

          You can search medical courses on google! For example ECG course etc

  6. Hi,
    If a M.O is earning 3 to 4 lac in pakistan, is it still worth to work in Ireland or Uk keeping in the view the salary and overall quality of life.
    Can a junior doctor save more by working in ireland or UK!

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      It depend on your personal preferences ! While working in ireland uk you cab save up to 3 4 lac! But again …. If you have good quality of life in pakistan then its your choice! If MO earning 3 4 lac in Pak then it means he is working day and night! Which is not a case in ireland uk!

  7. AOA, will we get residency after completing the whole process?
    If yes , does it include surgery too or just medicine?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Anything is possible bro if you work hard! Take your steps search out how you can get in training or become consultant through non training post!

  8. AOA,
    1. If u have done BLS ,ACLS, community work like doing a medical camp in flood relief areas and a research published in an international journel.
    How much chances are there that u can secure a SHO job in ireland!

    2. If ur IMC registration is near to completion, can we apply for jobs before IMC registration!


    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      2. All courses and community work can increase your chance of selection for sure!
      2. You can try your luck by applying. Ideally you should apply when you are fully registered.

  9. Abdullah

    While applying for jobs some people say that u should attach cover letter along with ur cv ! what is that cover letter and from where can we get it! Thanks.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Cover letter us extra information that you can give to your employer. Search on google regarding cover letter for doctors. Thanks

  10. Hi sir. You’d done a great job making this website and guiding people.
    My question is, Is it necessary to have valid oet certificate as by the time u get registration and start applying for job it’ll expire so we should retake in that case to increase chance of getting job or their is no need for that… Thanks

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      For registration yes you need valid oet. For maximum job yes you need it but sometime mostly private hospitals accept your expired oet as well. Thanks

  11. Is it worth it to leave pakistan and work in Ireland in terms of money factor?

  12. If a person is doing residency in histopathology in a tertiary care hospital in pakistan. Will that count as hospital experience?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr we have discontinued our free services but information already present is free to read. Please select one of our packages to get individual guidance from our team. Thanks

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