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Garda Vetting Form and Other Documents


Documentations after you secured the Job

If you are successful in the interview and received a congratulation e-mail, HR will require you to fill in documents. Every hospital’s HR is very helpful, and if you have any query regarding documentation, I advise you to e-mail or call them directly. Just be very polite with them and remember to greet and thanks to them as well.

  1. You must sign a contract and send them back, which HR will send you in an e-mail.
  2. If needed, HR will ask you for 2 references from your current job in your home country.
  3. You also have to sign a Declaration form and fill Occupational Health form.
  4. Police certificate from your country. You could contact the local police station to acquire it.
  5. They will ask you to fill Garda Vetting form, which they will send you in an e-mail.

HR will apply for a work permit, and they will e-mail you your Unique ID and a link to complete your work permit application. After 1-2 weeks, you will get your work permit in the e-mail, and you could apply for a visa. Remember, work permits are usually sent via courier to your home address, but due to the Covid-19 situation, they will e-mail you.


How to fill Garda Vetting Form

Garda Vetting e-mail will contain 2 documents.

  1. ID Validation

In ID Validation, you must get 100 marks to get it approved. You can select a passport with 70 marks, and to complete the other 30 marks, you could choose any other document. People usually select a Birth Certificate or Bank Statement, which scores 50 and 35, respectively.

  1. NVB-1 Form

Fill in your details carefully in capital letters. In “Roll Being Vetted For” write your position at the hospital. For example, SENIOR-HOUSE-OFFICER-GENERAL-MEDICINE. In “Name of Organization” write the full name of your hospital which hired you.

After few days, you will get an official e-mail from Garda to complete the application process. You don’t need to worry about the process; even it is taking time. They will send a link in the e-mail to complete the application. The following information is required.

  • Your Original and nickname
  • Previous addresses since birth
  • Passport number

You can go to this link to download “USER GUIDE” to complete Garda Vetting application.




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