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EPIC (Electronic portfolio of International Credentials)

Introduction to EPIC

The Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC) offers primary-source verification of medical credentials to physicians and organizations worldwide.

I will share all the related links, which are very helpful for guidance related to EPIC verification.

It is essential to go through all links step by step. Each detail is given in these links as these links will take you to the vital information on the official EPIC website.

This link will guide you about what EPIC is all about. This link will direct you to the official website, where you can learn how EPIC works in detail. You must also watch this video to get a broader view of how your credentials are verified through EPIC.

The links I am sharing for EPIC verification are official links and are specifically for the Irish Medical Council Registration process. Ensure that you go through your credentials verification process before making an account on the Irish Medical Council Website.


 Let’s Get started


Special Instructions and stepwise guide

It is crucial to read all these steps before setting up your account.

To have your credentials verified in support of an application to the Medical Council, complete the following steps:

Step 1

Confirm that your medical school is listed in the World School of Directory 

To be eligible for registration with the Medical Council, your medical school should be listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, available at

Step 2 

Getting started & Establish an EPIC Account.

Create your account on EPIC (click here). Once ECFMG has processed your request and established your EPIC Account, ECFMG will e-mail you login information so you can access your EPIC Account. Below I will share pictures of initial e-mails from EPIC.

Step 3 

Confirm your identity with EPIC

When you are logged into your account, you need to confirm your EPIC identity, which requires you to submit an EPIC Identification Form (EIF). Once ECFMG has accepted this form, you will be able to upload credentials needed for the Medical Council for primary-source verification. You must follow these instructions regarding EIF to confirm your identity so that you can upload your certificates.

Make sure you followed all instructions in the links mentioned above with every step.

Step 4  

Upload credentials

Once you have gone through the above steps, you can upload your credentials for verification. As you upload each required credential, be sure to select the Medical Council of Ireland to receive an EPIC Report once the certificate is verified. Request reports only for those credentials that the Medical Council requires.

Please note: You must select the Medical Council to receive an EPIC Report for each required credential as you upload it. If you do, EPIC Report on that credential will be automatically sent to the Medical Council when it is verified. Suppose you do not select the Medical Council to receive an EPIC Report on a credential when you upload it. In that case, you will be required to send an EPIC Report to the Medical Council once your certification is verified.

Also note that if your credentials have already been primary-source verified by ECFMG for ECFMG Certification or through ECFMG’s International Credentials Services (EICS), you do not need to upload the credentials that ECFMG previously verified. These credentials will be added to your EPIC Portfolio at no cost. Provide your ECFMG/USMLE ID when you establish your EPIC Account. ECFMG will review your file typically within ten business days; if your file is acceptable, ECFMG will add your previously verified credentials to your EPIC Portfolio. You can then log in to EPIC and request that EPIC Reports for those credentials be provided to the Medical Council.

How to upload credentials after setting an EPIC account

Follow this link to upload your credentials Degree and Experience Certificate. Also, click “Medical Credentials” and “EPIC Report” which are present at the bottom of the page in this link.

Step 5

Confirm that IMC is selected as a recipient 

Ensure reports on all required, verified credentials have been sent to the Medical Council. Suppose you selected the Medical Council to receive an EPIC Report when a credential was uploaded. In that case, that report will be sent to the Medical Council automatically when the credential is verified.

If you did not select the Medical Council to receive an EPIC Report when you uploaded the credential, you must go to the “My Reports” tab in your EPIC Account and request an EPIC Report for the Medical Council. Be sure to select the Medical Council of Ireland from the drop-down list when sending your report, or your request will be rejected.

  • If you want to read more and still unsure about the process, please visit this official link which specifically explains the EPIC process for Irish Medical Council.
  • If you have any questions regarding EPIC and the EPIC verification process, please contact EPIC at or +1 (215) 966-3900. Telephone assistance is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Eastern Time in the United States.




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25 thoughts on “EPIC (Electronic portfolio of International Credentials)

  1. Dr. Fatimah

    Hi Good Morning,
    Thank you for such informative blog.

    I have a question, Can you tell me what is “attendance”, one of the things required during epic documents to upload. Do we have to contact our medical school to have a copy of our attendance or any thing else??

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      No. There is no attendance requirement from Epic. They may just be asking about the confirmation that you attended a particular medical college.

      • Ali Gheit

        Dear Sir
        I have MBBS from UHS. Pakistan.
        I have started my house job in August 2008 and ended in August 2009. It was 6 months General surgery and 6 months cardiology.
        In 2010 i joined neurology dept for 2 months as Gp. All that done in Pakistan.
        After that I have started post graduate in internal medicine specialization in Serbia. The duration was 4years. Then I have done Sub specialty in cardiology in Serbia as well.
        So please , am I accepted in Ireland ??

        • Ahsan Zeeshan

          Dear Dr we have discontinued our free services. Please select one of our packages to get guidance from our team. Thanks

  2. Tariq bilal

    Sir how do i get PMC house job certificate? As house job certificate is issued by medical university…secondly acceptable house job pattern must have medicine in it? Or working as a medical officer in medical unit would be acceptable?
    Kindly reply .

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Tariq!
      Housejob is verified by PMC from concerned hospital and then they issue experience certificate. Working as House officer in medicine is accepted!


  3. Hi there. thank you for such a valuable information. i am wondering if there is any organization or person who will do all this process by paying some fee. if you have any information pleas share contact here because this is very technical process

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Zohaib!
      This is time taking and not difficult!

      Please read through guidelines in this website and start the process. Its easy.


  4. Hello, I have a question that right now I’m in Pakistan and I have started the process of IMC registration by making an EPIC account but I’ll move to the UK by 2-3 months, can I complete the rest of IMC registration process from the UK and move to Ireland from the UK?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr

      Yes you can complete the process and move to ireland.


      • Thank you , at the end they ask for your passport to be notarised and send by courier to Ireland, can I do that from the UK having completed the previous process of application from Pakistan?

  5. Hello dear I have 6 months each in surgery and medicine. But on house job certificates it’s written medical ward 6 and surgery ward 7 .is that acceptable?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Hopefully acceptable because pmc will write it as medicine and surgery which is acceptable!

  6. Dr bilal younas

    I have 2 questions
    First where to get EIF form and how our identity will be confirmed
    Second when to make account on imc website

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      1: you will get EIF form from your epic acc. Download it from your account! And identity will be confirmed by doing online notary! You will get video call from notary department and they will confirm it.

      2. After your degree and exp cert is verified from epic

  7. Hi! I have just uploaded the credentials and i also have made the IMC account at the same time,
    1. Do i need to contact my college or university (UHS) for degree verification?
    2. Do i need to ask epic to send my credentials through courier to IMC, or sending report is enough?
    3. Can i send my required documents and cover letter to IMC through courier at the same time as i have just uploaded my credentials?
    Thank you

  8. Habib ur rehman butt

    i have gotten my eif notarized by notary cam 10 days back but epic still has not updated my identity documents tab and accepted my eif ,how long does it take for epic to accept notarized EIF?

  9. Pls sir I have an issue my epic account is temporarily restricted as I was trying to login and I input wrong answers how can I unrestrict it as I have sent them multiple emails but no reply and I am urgently need their reply in other for me to proceed my induction is around the corner kindly reply pls

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Please try to contact them via phone. I hope the issue is resolved till now. Thanks


    a very nice and detailed information has been provided by you dear doctor. I have a question now regarding epic. My credentials have been verified by EPIC and now i want to send these reports to IMC from EPIC. There in “the reports” option, epic is asking me the country, city and address etc. All the details comes automatically when i enter medical council of ireland but what should I write in the “email address to where the report should be sent”. please guide me regarding this. Thank you

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr Bashir! Thanks for your message. We have stopped our free services. Please select from our packages and our team will get back to you. For your question General Query package is suitable. Thanks

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