IMGs in Ireland/UK

Guide For Physicians and Surgeons for Irish/UK Pathway


Total Expenditure on registration


Almost 28,0000 Pak Rupees

Degree from UHS>>> Rs 5000

PMC Experience Certificate Fee>>> Rs 3,000

EPIC account fee>>> 125USD= Rs 21,000

Verification of degree and experience certificate by EPIC>>> 180USD=30,000

PMC verification when EPIC send experience certificate to PMC>>> Rs 5,000.

IMC Application Fee>>> 420 Euros= Rs 84,000

IMC Registration Fee>>> 605 Euros= 1 lac 20 thousand Rs

PMC Good Standing Certificate>>> Rs 9,000



Total time for registration


7-10 Months

This is the average time of this whole process. It could take more/less depending upon the personal scenario.

Degree from the university if you don’t have it on first place>>> 1 month.

PMC Experience Certificate>>> 1-2 months

EPIC Verification process >>> 1 month

OET Exam>>> 1 month

IMC Application and registration process>>> 3-4 months

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33 thoughts on “Finances and Time Required For Irish Registration

  1. Farhat jabeen

    I need some guidance and info . I have started the process for imc registration by step by step help of a senior . At this point i have mailed the documents with cover sheet to imc as per their requirement. How much more time will it take for complete registration and if i choose to work in pakistan for few years and do my training fcps here and after that go to ireland will my registration be valid till that time ?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Farhat!
      Yes your registration would be valid but you have to pay annual fee. You can choose an option to freeze your registration and again activate when required. please contact IMC to seek guidance on it.


  2. Dr Attiq

    Hello , i have done my rotations as follows
    3 Month General surgery
    3 months general medicine
    3 months Radiology
    3 Months Endocrinology
    Will it be acceptable.?

  3. Hello , i have done my rotations as follows
    3 Month General surgery
    3 months general medicine
    3 months Pediatrics
    3 Months Obstetrics and gynecology
    Will it be acceptable.?

  4. Is their any specialist pathway. I have done fcps in pediatrics with 5 yrs post fcps experience.
    What options do i have for IMC?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      No speciality pathway. Please apply for general reg if your housejob is after 2009. Thanks


    Hello , i have done following rotations in my house job in the year 2022
    3 Month General surgery
    3 months Emergency medicine
    3 months General medicine
    3 Months Psychiatry
    Will it be acceptable.?

  6. Siddiqui

    I need some info related to housejob, I have done house job as following:
    3 month general surgery
    3 month Burns and Plastic Surgery
    3 month General medicine
    3 month Peads
    Do I qualify for the IMC?
    Thank you for your reply in advance

  7. Can you estimate the cost of the following steps in USD now adays :
    (1) OET exam
    (2) epic acount fee
    (3) epic varification
    (4) IMC application
    (5) IMC registration

  8. Hello
    I have uploaded documents at Epic .. and clicked to send it directly to IMC
    Do i need to give OET before submitting application ?

  9. I sat for oet in 2021 june . I have my credentials almost verified by epic. If I submit application in next few days will I be able to get to Ireland before expiry of oet?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      You have a chance! You will get reg in 6 months and then apply for jobs ASAP!

  10. HI
    I just received an email after 6 months that my application is forwarded to executive officer for second review. Is this second review a normal process? The email also states that it may take 10-12 weeks for executive officer to inform you directly of the decision and the next stage of your application.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Yes this is normal! You are almost done! It can take 1 month now. They may ask for good standing if that is expired. Thanks

      • Thank you. Yes they asked for it recently and I submitted it again through PMC.

  11. sir should i give ielts before epic account or after that?
    also is there any need for attestation of documents from hec?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Please try to do these 2 things beside if you want to get early registration. No HEC attestation. Thanks

      • Rafia Masood

        So i should do it once I’m done with my housejob?

        • Ahsan Zeeshan

          Unfortunately we have discontinued our free services. If you have any questions please refer to our packages to get expert advice on your questions. Thank you

  12. Brindha Thiruvenkatswamy

    Hi . I am going to complete my medical degree in Ukraine next month. When should i apply for registration to work and what is the procedure.

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr. Thanks for your message. We have stopped our free services.if you have any queries please select from our package. For your query you can choose our registration package. Thank-you!

  13. Hi I have house job rotations in following specialties

    General medicine
    General Surgery
    Plastic Surgery

    Are they acceptable?
    I am worried if they take whole pediatrics and reject supraspeciality house job

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr please select from our packages to get your answer. Thanks

  14. mohammed rasheeduddin ali

    my house job in year 1986
    6 months general surgery
    6 months in peadiatris medicine
    2 yrs post graduate training in diagnostic radiology
    can this will be accepted for irish registration

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr please select from our packages to get your answer. Thanks

  15. Asa, sir I want to ask house job is done as follows ; 3months surgery, 3months emergency, 6months medicine certificate e 1 month cardiology internal rotation.
    Am I be eligible ?

    • Ahsan Zeeshan

      Dear Dr we have discontinued our free services. Please select one of our packages to get guidance from our team. Thanks

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