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Kookaburra Cricket Bat – Kookaburra or Kookaburra Cricket is an Australian sports equipment company specializing in cricket and hockey equipment, named after Kingfisher Australia. The company custom manufactures the most common ball marks used in One Day International and Test cricket. Kookaburra’s Lawn Cricket Ball has only been used in Australian, New Zealand and South African cricket since 1946. Kookaburra also manufactures hockey sticks and equipment used by many international players such as Liam De Young, Charlotte Craddock, Madonna Blyth and Marsha Marescia. Flagship bow models include the Phoenix L-Bow and Dragon M-Bow.

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Kookaburra Cricket Bat

Kookaburra Cricket Bat

The Kookaburra Beast 2.1 cricket bat is a popular choice for cricketers. It’s a premium club designed for power and performance, making it ideal for players who want to shoot big and run more.

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The Beast 2.1 is made of high quality English willow wood, known for its durability and strength. The wood is carefully selected and graded to ensure it meets Kookaburra’s high standards.

The bat has a center point with a full spine that provides a sense of balance and helps distribute weight evenly. It also has a wide sweet spot, meaning that even off-center areas can generate more power.

The Beast 2.1 handle is made from premium Sarawak cane and is designed to dampen shock and vibration, making it comfortable to use. It also has a rounded shape that provides a comfortable grip and excellent control.

Overall, the Kookaburra Beast 2.1 cricket bat is a high quality bat designed to help players perform their best. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, bat can help you improve your game and get more running.

Best Kookaburra Bat English Willow

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