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Cricket World – This article is about the m’s 50-over tournament. For the women’s over-50 tournament, see Women’s Cricket World Cup. For the Test tournament, see ICC World Test Championship. For Twty20 tournaments, see ICC T20 World Cup M and ICC T20 World Cup Wom.

Is an international One Day International (ODI) cricket tournament. The Evt is organized by the game’s governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC), every four years, with preliminary qualifying rounds leading up to the finals. The tournament is one of the most watched sports in the world and is considered the “flagship of international cricket” by the ICC.

Cricket World

Cricket World

The first World Cup was held at the stadium in June 1975, with the first ODI cricket match being played four years earlier. However, a separate Wom Cricket World Cup was held two years before the first m tournament, and a tournament involving many international teams was held as early as 1912, in which a three-match Test tournament was played between Australia, England and South Africa .. . The first three world championships were held on the thyroid gland. From the 1987 tournament onwards, hosting has been shared between the countries under an unofficial rotational system, with four ICC members hosting at least one match in the tournament.

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The current format includes a qualifying round that has been held for the past three years to determine which teams qualify for the tournament round. In the tournament phase, 10 teams, including the directly qualified host nation, compete for the title in a host nation tournament for about a month. In the 2027 edition, the format will be changed to include an expanded 14-team final competition.

A total of twenty teams have participated in twelve editions of the tournament, with teams competing in the 2019 tournament. Australia has won the tournament five times, India and West Indies twice each, while Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England have won once each. . The best incomplete team performance came when Kya reached the semi-finals of the 2003 tournament.

Gland are the reigning champions after winning the 2019 edition of the World Cup. The next tournament will be held in India in 2023 and the 2027 World Cup will be held jointly in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

The first international cricket match was played between Canada and the United States on September 24 and 25, 1844.

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However, the first Test match was played in 1877 between Australia and England and the two teams regularly contested The Ashes in the following years. South Africa was admitted to Test status in 1889.

Representative cricket teams were selected to visit each other, resulting in bilateral contests. Cricket was also included as an Olympic sport at the Paris Games in 1900, where Great Britain defeated France to win the gold medal.

The first international tournament at international level was the Triangular Tournamt of 1912, a Test cricket tournament played in a Test between the three Test nations at the time: Gland, Australia and South Africa. Evt didn’t work out: the summer was extremely wet, making it difficult to play on wet, uncovered pitches, and attendances were poor, attributed to ‘playing cricket’.

Cricket World

Since then, international Test cricket has generally been organized as a bilateral series: a multilateral Test tournament was not organized again until the triangular Asian Test Championship in 1999.

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The number of nations playing Test cricket gradually increased over time, with the addition of the West Indies in 1928, New Zealand in 1930, India in 1932 and Pakistan in 1952. However, international cricket continued to played as international matches. not three. four or five days.

In the early 1960s, glish county cricket teams started playing a shorter version of cricket that lasted only one day. Beginning in 1962 with a four-team knockout competition known as the Midlands Knock-Out Cup,

And continued with the inaugural Gillette Cup in 1963, one-day cricket became popular in the country. The National Sunday League started in 1969. The first One Day International was played on the fifth day of the 1971 Test match between Australia and Melbourne to fill the available time and as a mercy to disappointed audiences. . The game was a forty-over game with eight balls per over.

The success and popularity of domestic one-day tournaments in India and other parts of the world, as well as the early one-day internationals, prompted the ICC to consider hosting a Cricket World Cup.

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The first Cricket World Cup was organized in 1975 by England, the only nation capable of committing the resources to host an event of this magnitude at the time. The 1975 tournament began on June 7.

The first three tournaments were held in the Shield and officially known as the Prudential Cup after sponsors Prudential plc. The matches consisted of 60 overs with six balls per team played during the day in traditional style, with players wearing white cricket colors and using red cricket balls.

Eight teams took part in the first tournament: Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and the West Indies (six Test nations at the time), along with Sri Lanka and most of the East African team.

Cricket World

One notable absence was South Africa, who were banned from international cricket due to apartheid. The tournament was won by the West Indies who defeated Australia by 17 runs in the final at Lord’s.

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West Indies’ Roy Fredricks was the first player to take a wicket in ODIs during the 1975 World Cup final.

The 1979 World Cup saw the introduction of the ICC Trophy to select non-Test teams for the World Cup,

West Indies won their second consecutive World Cup title, defeating the hosts by 92 runs in the final. In the meeting that followed the World Cup, the International Cricket Council agreed to make the tournament a quadruple tournament.

The 1983 competition was organized by Gland for the third consecutive time. By now, Sri Lanka had become a Test nation and Zimbabwe had qualified through the ICC Cup. The fielding circle was established 30 yards (27 m) from the stumps. Four parts must be in it at all times.

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The teams faced each other twice before entering the playoffs. India became champions after defeating West Indies by 43 runs in the final.

India and Pakistan co-hosted the tournament in 1987, the first time the tournament was held outside the continent. The games were reduced from 60 to 50 overs per innings, the current rate, due to the shorter daylight hours of the Indian subcontinent compared to the hot summer.

Australia won the championship by defeating gland by 7 runs in the final, the closest margin in a World Cup final until the 2019 edition between gland and New Zealand.

Cricket World

The 1992 World Cup, held in Australia and New Zealand, brought many changes to the game such as colored clothing, white balls, day/night matches and changes to blocking rules. The South African cricket team participated in the tournament for the first time since the fall of the apartheid regime and the boycott of international sports.

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Pakistan overcame a tough start to the tournament to defeat India by 22 runs in the final to emerge victorious.

The 1996 tournament was held in the Indian subcontinent for the second time, with Sri Lanka hosting some of the group stage matches.

In the semi-final, Sri Lanka, en route to a resounding victory over India at the Ed Garth Stadium after the hosts lost eight wickets while posting 120 runs for 252, were handed an unbeaten victory after crowd riots erupted against India’s performance. .

Sri Lanka won their first championship by beating Australia by seven wickets in the final in Lahore.

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In 1999 the evt was organized by gland and other matches were also held in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the Netherlands.

Twelve teams participated in the world championship. Australia qualified for the semi-finals after achieving their goal in the Super 6 match against South Africa from the end of the game.

They reached the final with a draw in the semi-final also against South Africa, where a combination between South African batsman Lance Klusser and Alan Donald saw Donald drop the ball and run into mid-off and it was all over. In the final, Australia defeated Pakistan by 132 runs and reached the target in less than 20 overs by eight wickets.

Cricket World

A crowd of over 10,000 fans cheers the Australian team as they take their first World Cup hat-trick – Martin Place, Sydney.

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South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kya hosted the World Cup in 2003. The number of teams participating in the evt increased from twelve to four. Kya’s wins against Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, among others – and a loss to the New Zealand team, which refused to play against Kya due to security concerns – allowed Kya to reach the semi-finals, the best result of her partner.

In the final, Australia posted 359 runs for the loss of two wickets, the highest score in a final, defeating India by 125 runs.

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