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Cricket Records – Daniel Eckstein played 27 T10 matches and scored 257 runs in 17 Innings. Daniel Eckstein’s highest T10 score is 66. UD Eckstein has 0 T10 centuries, 1 T10 half century and 2 times 30+ and 2 times 20+ T10. D Eckstein has a strike rate of 179.7 at an average of 9.51 in 143 T10 balls. Daniel Eckstein made a total of 43 boundaries with 25 fours and 18 sixes in T10. D Eckstein’s T10 form analysis is lbw 0 times, bowled 2 times, bowled 0 times, caught 12 times, Run Out 1 time. Daniel Eckstein’s T10 wicket takers are left arm 3 and right arm 11. Analysis of D Eckstein’s Left Arm T10 Wicket Taker is Fast-bowler 0 wickets, fast bowler 1 wickets, Good bowler 2 wickets, Bowler less than 0 wickets. Right Arm T10 Wicket Taker Analysis by Daniel Eckstein Fast bowler 0 wickets, Fast bowler 0 wickets, Good bowler 11 wickets, Slow bowler 0 wickets. D Eckstein’s wickets taken by Left Arm Bowlers in T10 analysis lbw 0 wickets, 0 wickets bowled, 0 wickets taken, 3 wickets taken. Daniel Eckstein’s wicket taken by Right Arm Bowlers in T10 analysis lbw 0 wickets, 2 wickets bowled, 0 wickets conceded, 9 wickets taken.

Daniel Eckstein Took 24 Wickets (In 27 T10 innings) with a Strike Rate of 13.25 and an Average of 22.58. UD Eckstein bowled 318 balls (including 0 Maiden overs) and took 2 wickets 2 wickets 3 wickets 3 wickets 5 wickets 0 wickets 8 wickets 0 wickets , 0 wickets 0 times. 20 right-handed hitter and 3 left-handed hitter by Daniel Eckstein in T10. Out-form analysis of the right-handed Batsman T10 (wicket taken by D Eckstein) is LBW 4 times, Bowled 2 times, Overturned 0 times, Caught 14 times. Analysis of Left Handed Batsman T10 outtype (wicket taken by D Eckstein) is LBW 0 times, Bowled 0 times, Hit 0 times, Caught 3 times.

Cricket Records

Cricket Records

Daniel Eckstein Fielding analysis includes 10 catches, 0 swings, 0 direct throws (Finished), 0 throws (Finished).

Bangladesh Test Records: Matches Won, Tied And Drawn

Daniel Eckstein plays cricket as a Batting Allrounder. Daniel Eckstein’s run in the game records 9.5 in T10. D Eckstein’s wicket per match record is 0.8 in T10. D Eckstein hit a boundary in every 3.3 balls in T10. Daniel Eckstein wickets every 13.2 balls in T10. Daniel Eckstein hit a six off 7.9 balls in T10. Daniel Eckstein took four off 5.7 balls in T10. UD Eckstein is a right hand deer. Daniel Eckstein is a right-handed medium bowler. DD Eckstein is from Austria. Daniel Eckstein was born on 20-Jul-1976. UD Eckstein plays cricket for Vienna CC. What Are Some Of Chris Gayle’s Most Incredible Records: ODI, T20, Test Match That Confirmed His Legend?

The way the West Indies are always playing, there is a threat that it could become a thing of the past, the good old days. But one man will never be forgotten: Christopher Henry Gayle. Both figuratively about Chris Gayle’s incredible record heaven and Chris Gayle’s physical strength have been forgotten or ignored.

After fighting for ten years, his performances are snowing all over the internet making him the darling of the world. However, interestingly, at the same time when one looks back to think that it was Gayle, then, after all, who painted his image with the moniker – World Boss – before he became the sensation that he is today, you can’t help it. but join your own. respect for praise.

After Lara’s retirement, when fears about Windies’ survival in the game were revealed, Chris Gayle took them out of existence. It has very little support on the other side. Thanks to the support of Chanderpaul, who is always supported by Dwayne Bravo, now perhaps the analyst of national affairs, and in some cases, Samuels, Gayle went from being a powerful destroyer to the bearer of the hope of the Windies to finally show the true power. his and perhaps his meaning in games: six engines.

Top 10 Cricket Records Nearly Impossible To Break

Gayle commanded an army of fans who numbered in the millions and traveled from Kingstown Jamaica to Newlands, Cape Town, Wankhede in Mumbai and beyond miles to Perth, Australia. Not since the records recorded by Chris Gayle and the game he brought to the game has world cricket seen another batting equal, who, although he is not a brilliant artist, continues to run the club with effort. Dance floor.

And it is short in the transformation of the journey of a tall young man- who has no role models but a woman who was taught in his school- to become a great player of the game as the day, it is a struggle to make the conclusion of the meeting. – the house where the young Christopher stood under a small for sale sign that used to drip water – and the love of the game – that did not disappear, even though he was diagnosed with a heart attack.

Which of those songs of Jamaican music, 42 years old today are seen as the most important records of Chris Gayle can not stand undisturbed, for a while?

Cricket Records

Brian Lara managed 19 ODI hundreds before Gayle came to chase “The Prince.” Currently, Gayle’s ODI tally is 25.

India & Pakistan Cricket Overall Records In Every Format (test, Odi & T20i) || India Iss Format Me Hai Jyada Effective Jeete Hai Sabse Jyada Match.

If you rewind the clocks to the first World T20 in 2007, you will see that in his robbery of Pollock and ntini, Gayle reached his first T20 century. Ten years later, he is sitting on runs: over 11,000 in T20 freelancing and over 1600 in national colours. Who can break this record of Chris Gayle?

Who else but Chris Gayle could hold such a record, right? In 2017, while playing in the final round of the Bangladesh Premier League, Henry Gayle hit 18 sixes! And then, guess what? Bottom line- your team wins.

There are hundreds, there are hundreds of greats, there are hundreds of fathers made like Lara and Dravid, then two hundreds like Sangakkara and Lara are on fire, and then three hundreds are Sehwag, Lara, Sir Don, Inzi, Mahela. , Amla, Karun Nair and others scored and there was another match of three hundreds.

Only Brian Lara has scored four times but what about you? Gayle smashed two three hundreds. His 333 against Sri Lanka is probably the same as his 317 vs Proteas.

Crazy Cricket Records You Probably Didn’t Know About

5. Only man to score a hundred, two hundreds in ODIs, three tons in Tests, and one ton in T20s.

No other batsman does, and consider other players of his time – Amla, De Villiers, Kohli, Ross Taylor, Williamson, Guptill, Munro, Afridi, Raina, Root- manage this amazing game.

After all, Chris Gayle is the only West Indies man to score double figures in ODIs. That feat, against Zimbabwe in the 2015 World Cup of 215 runs, inspired the meme: ‘If Sachin is the God of cricket, then Gayle is Godzilla!

Cricket Records

He dances with his opponents even if they beat him, he plays Raggae as he likes a good pole dance, he often performs alone for laughs with his friends, some of his performances have broken cricket balls, windows and opponents. ‘ hearts however, Gayle remains an enigma. Happy bday Universe Boss!Bums  • ONE TEST  •  Luck(26 ov) 172 &  97/3 ZU 524/4d Day 2 – Trail Ireland by 255 runs. Edit Report Thread

Five Major Records Which Indian Players Broke In 2022

Score  • Charlotte Edwards  •  Chester-le-Street ND 129/7 BLZ(15.4/20 ov, T:130) 133/4 Blaze won by 6 wickets (26 balls left) Schedule Report Table

Result • Northern League • Vitality Blast • T20 • Chester-le-Street LANCS 152/9 DURH(18.2/20 ov, T:153) 153/4 Durham win by 6 wickets (10 balls left) Report Table Schedule

Result  • South Group  • Vitality Blast  • T20  • Cardiff KENT 189/6 GLAM(17/20 ov, T:190) 191/3 Glamorgan win by 7 wickets (18 balls left) Series Table Report

Result • South Team • Vitality Blast • T20 • Chelmsford HANTS 214/8 ESSEX(14.1/20 ov, T:215) 96 Hampshire won by 118 runs Schedule Table Report Series

India Vs Australia Test Cricket Rivalry: Interesting Statistics And Records

Result  • South Group  • Vitality Blast  •  T20  •  Taunton MIDDX 136 SOM(13.3/20 ov, T:137) 142/1 Somerset win by 9 wickets (39 balls left) Series Table Report

Result  •  Northern Team  •  Vitality Blast  •  T20  •  Northampton LEICS 164/8 NHNTS(18.5/20 ov, T:165) 168/2 Northants won by 8 wickets (7 balls left) Series Table Report System

Result • Northern League • Vitality Blast • T20 • Derby DERBS 174/5 BEARS(20 ov, T:175) 157/9 Derbyshire won by 17 runs Schedule Table Report Series

Cricket Records

Result  • South Group  • Vitality Blast  • T20  • Bristol SURR 124/9 GLOUC(19.1/20 ov, T:125) 127/8 Gloucs won by 2 wickets (5 balls left) Series Table Report System

Ind Vs Sl 3rd Odi

Result • Northern League • Vitality Blast • T20 • Nottingham WORCS 226/5 NOTTS(18.2/20 ov, T:227) 170 WORCS won by 56 runs Series Table Report

Result  • ODI 1st  •  Hambantota SL 268 AFG(46.5/50 ov, T:269) 269/4 Afghanistan win by 6 wickets (19 balls left) Schedule Draft Report

Today, 1:30 PM  • Charlotte Edwards  •  Birmingham Central Sparks Southern Vipers Match starts at 5 hours 29 minutes 29 Table Schedule

Today, 6:00 PM  • South Group  • Blast Vitality  • T20  •  Southampton Hampshire Sussex Match still to start Series Table Schedule

Here Are Some Cricket Records Which May Never Ever Be Broken In This Lifetime


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