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Cricket Line – Unlike the longer form, this does not happen by bowling with line and length. This approach gives the ball player the opportunity to play the planned shot or free his arm and hit you all over the park. The solution is to have different lines, lengths and angles with a change in tempo.

It is not easy. You know it’s hard to get one line and length right, let alone several, but with practice you can create a safe variation that will allow your captain to field and be successful.

Cricket Line

Cricket Line

This is the traditional line and length you see on seam and swing bowlers around the world: on or off base, swinging at waist level. It works well at the beginning of the game. The ball is new and more likely to bounce or go off the seam. Bowlers tend to play less dangerous shots, so you can be more predictable with the ball and try to get wickets.

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The correct length may be a little forward for a swing bowler or a little backward for a seam bowler, but the idea is to put the batsman in two minds: playing forward or backward? Any hesitation leads to false shots and back edges.

On a slower pitch the approach may be fuller and straighter to try to hit the base or bring in LBW, but too straight a ball often leads to easy runs on the leg side. It is important not to extend too far outside the base at all speed levels as the attacker may throw his arm at the ball.

A yorker is a faster ball aimed at the leg of the striker. It’s hard to hit on the run and it’s also hard to hit properly, so it takes practice.

In the picture there are two lines. The red line is the yorker aimed at the stumps, preferably with a bit of swing. This is good for early swings or for the plate when the inning is dead. The yellow line is a wide yorker which is more defensive but harder to hit so it is a good variation for bowling in the death.

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This defensive tactic is designed to cut the score on the other side. The right-arm bowler goes around the wicket and aims as full and wide as possible without going wide on the outside side. Then the deep bowler can be placed on the out-of-bounds as it is almost impossible to play the ball with the feet.

If the ball and pitch are really fast, you can follow the strategy that England and West Indies successfully used against India in the World Twenty20: Throw them.

The trick is not to make the ball bounce over the batsman’s head because it is wide. But putting the ball on the waist and under the head is fine. The batsman can only attack by hooking and pulling which is difficult to bowl powerfully with the body.

Cricket Line

But getting it wrong can be dangerous. Short and slow bowling gives the batsman enough time to hit the ball almost anywhere on the leg side he wants. If the line deviates to the wrong side, it is possible to play the normal or abnormal stick on the lobe.

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A good variation on this is the sloppy bouncer, which is thrown at a slower speed. Because the batsman expects something to come up to his chest, he may have trouble timing the ball if it is slower.

There are many types of slower balls. Some are from grip changes, others are very different balls such as cuts or leg drives. With all types, the key is the line. At the beginning of the short game aim straight, so if you are sad you hit the bottom. However, it is a good idea to adjust the line to the outside base when dead, especially if the hitter is more lateral.

Again, the key is to practice your variation on the mesh before trying it in the middle. Slower long hops or half volleys are easy to hit, slow balls in the right position to be thrown in the air.

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Although it is obvious that the line and the length are almost related to the bowler, it goes without saying that this particular line and length where the ball is bowled affects the way a batsman bowls – you either get away with it or play it easy. , or go on a rough path.

So the obvious question is, what is this phrase ‘line and length’ about? What is the difference between the two words ‘line’ and ‘length’? How does this affect the attacker’s decision? This article will discuss everything related to line and length in cricket.

Cricket Line

In simple terms, the line and the length are combined to determine where exactly the bowler’s bowl is. So line and length can be a deciding factor in whether a bowler gets a wicket, whether it’s a dot ball or a boundary or a six.

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Now line and length refer to different things, both are discussed in detail below –

Since there can be different paths that the ball can travel in contact with the shaft, the line of the ball can be divided into the following categories –

As the name suggests, the center of the line is the line directed towards the center line of the batsman. It is also called a ‘straight line’ because the ball reaches the batsman.

The main objective of bowling in this line is to make the batsman play the ball instead of leaving.

Single Continuous Line Drawing Of Young Agile Man Cricket Player Standing Ready To Hit The Ball Vector Illustration. Sport Exercise Concept. Trendy One Line Draw Design For Cricket Promotion Media 7444512 Vector

Again, as the name suggests, the base of the foot is the line where the bowl meets the target of the attacker’s foot.

If there is a heavy field on the leg side or if the batsman is weak on the leg side, this line is useful.

When the bowler reaches the outside line of the wicket, it moves to the right side of the wicket for a right-handed batsman and towards the left side of the wicket for a batsman. left-handed. This is mainly done to tease or entice attackers to play a standard bus game that can become an opportunity to exploit.

Cricket Line

Similarly, the outside leg is the line where the ball lands down the side of the attacker’s foot. It is generally not a good line to bowl as the batsman remains cautious, may lead to a wide ball or even a 5 wide if the ball is too wide. But if there is a heavy field on the leg side or if the batsman moves towards the leg side before hitting the ball then it becomes a good option.

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This term was coined by England batsman Geoff Boycott and refers to the outside line of a batsman’s neck.

The outside of the back makes it difficult for the hitter to decide whether to hit or just leave the ball, making the hitter unsure or indecisive about the shot selection.

So, whenever the batsman is put in a predicament, it becomes a wicket scenario and that uncertain lane becomes more lethal in red-ball cricket.

The length of the ball refers to the place or area of ​​the field where the ball first landed or touched before reaching the batter.

Cricket (short 2021)

Based on where the ball first touched the pitch, the length of the ball can be divided into the following categories –

The length of the bouncer refers to the area that is closer to the bowler than the striker. That is, when the ball reaches an area before half down, it is known as the bouncer’s length.

The earlier and harder the ball hits the pitch, the harder the bouncer is.

Cricket Line

The main purpose of this delivery is to ensure that the ball reaches the batsman at a height above or around his shoulder so that the batsman gets confused and plays a bad card.

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The short length refers to the length before the bouncer length,

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