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Cricket Games Pc – As it is the most popular sport in India, there are many cricket games for PC. Here we take a look at the best cricket games available on PC. The games come from famous developers and publishers and offer realistic graphics along with an authentic experience. Moreover, Most of the games mentioned are so captivating that they give you a feel of what it’s like to be a professional cricketer. Therefore, Without further ado let’s check out the list of best cricket games for PC.

Cricket 22 is the latest cricket game from Big Ant Studios. The studio has created several cricket games for PC in the past and the new one offers an authentic experience for cricket fans. Big Bash T20 in play; Features a licensed Ashes tournament alongside The Hundred and CPL. England Cricket 22 Australia New Zealand, There are also licensed teams from the West Indies and Ireland. additionally, the Game features a story-driven career mode; In addition to the new bowling and fielding controls, Ian Healy; Michael Atherton, Alison Mitchell; It also features a new commentary team with Mel Jones and David Gower.

Cricket Games Pc

Cricket Games Pc

Cricket Captain 2022 focuses more on managing a team than playing matches by yourself. You can manage and train the players in your team and lead them to victory in various international tournaments. The game features more than 7,000 players with enhanced stats. Cricket Captain 2022 also features a new Batting Aggression system with player ratings tuned to reflect the abilities of real players.

Top Ipl Cricket Games

Named after the Australian cricketer, Don Bradman Cricket 17 aims to provide a realistic cricket experience on PC. Real bowling in every game. Has fluid control for bowling and fielding. Don Bradman Cricket 17 frames, Fielding has been improved with a new feedback system coupled with back-to-back in boundaries and relay throws. Additionally, the game features motion-captured crickets for all game modes to provide realistic animations.

If you have a controller, Big Bash Boom is the cricket game you need on your PC. The title features big-headed players and T20 cricket action with licensed teams and players in the Big Bash League and Rebel Women’s Big Bash League. Along with the standard cricket experience, Big Bash Boom has enhancements for sixes and other fun mechanics. The game also features over 60 unlockable cosmetics, from custom headgear and events to prom potatoes. This means that the game does not support keyboard and mouse input.

Cricket 19 has been a popular cricket game on PC for a long time. The game offers an authentic cricket simulation to perfectly capture the action of cricket matches. Those T20, Can participate in ODIs and Test matches at national and international level. Your own club to take your team to the top. Stadium Jerseys and sponsor logos can also be created. in addition, Cricket 19 features a career mode where you play as a cricket rookie and lead your team to victory. Like Big Bash Boom; Cricket 19 does not support mouse and keyboard input and will require a controller to play the game.

Ashes Cricket is another great cricket game with realistic cricket action. The game features photorealistic models of the Australian and England men’s and women’s cricket teams. Star players bowl realistically; Full motion capture with bowling and fielding animations on offer. Ashes Cricket has a career mode where you can rise to the international level as a star player or a rookie. Your own players; You can create teams and referees and edit them in many ways. A controller is required to play Ashes Cricket and mouse and keyboard input is not supported.

Cricket 22 Career Mode

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This week’s top tech news: BGMI returns; WhatsApp Companion Mode; Realme 11 Pro India Launch Date and More Cricket is not very popular in Europe and USA, so it is the most popular sport in Asia instead. While dozens of football games are released every year, cricket games are very rare, but if you play cricket, these are great games. There are not many computer cricket games where you can bat and mix on the cricket field. But in this article, we will try some of the best games that you can play, starting with the newer ones. These are the best cricket games for PC.

Cricket Games Pc

Don Bradman is still one of the most famous and best cricketers. The latest installment of the Don Bradman cricket series is named after the legendary player. Although cricket games are not exactly the most popular game. It gained great popularity with its publication. Don Bradman Cricket 17 has single player mode and multiplayer mode which makes it more than just a classic cricket game.

Top 5 Best Cricket Games For Pc 2023

In this game, the player can start his own career with updated player creation features. He can create his own player and start playing. Additionally, we mentioned that there is a great co-op multiplayer where you can play with your friend. This game is the best cricket game that you can play right now.

Don Bradman Cricket Series is one of the best game series when it comes to cricket. This game is the predecessor of Don Bradman Cricket 17 and it is also a very good game. While Don Bradman Cricket 16 has not been released but has been announced, Don Bradman Cricket 14 is a fully accessible game and offers similar features to its successor. It includes a career mode that starts with creating and launching a player. Multiplayer is available but there is no co-op mode like in Don Bradman Cricket 17. Game mechanics are same with great animations and graphics. It’s not a AAA title so it’s not too expensive and offers a good cricketing experience.

The Ashes Cricket series offers a massively multiplayer cricket gaming experience and is the most successful game series after Don Bradman Cricket. Why? OK It has some great game mechanics along with solid graphics that bring the game to life. This game is no exception. It has one of the best graphics for this type of game and further gameplay is optimized. This is a great game for cricket fans.

International Cricket 2010 is a cricket simulation game published by the famous Codemasters. While the game has some licensed teams from England and Australia, others are unlicensed. Because it is a simulation; This game has no career, but tournaments that can be played in player mode with other players. Winning tournaments will keep players in touch with new awesome items. With its intelligent AI and excellent controls; This game is good for anyone who is interested in cricket.

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International Cricket Captain 2013 is the best cricket game and similar to the previous game we mentioned. It includes World Cup, It has different cup modes like Champions Cup and Twenty20. In addition, there are classic settings such as England and Australia and online modes where players can compete with each other. It’s also the last installment in the series and the best one you can play right now.

Brian Lara is a legendary cricketer and one of the best batsmen of all time. That’s how the game got its name. Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 is developed and published by Codemasters, which is known for its spectacular simulation games. In this game Various modes are available and Twenty20, ICC World Cup is played here along with other trophies like ICC Champions Trophy etc. There is also a practice mode where you can practice your game and use it to win tournaments. There is also multiplayer. It is the first game in the series to boast multiplayer.

As we mentioned earlier, the Ashes Cricket series is one of the most successful cricket simulation series. This part is very good with beautiful graphics and animations for the time. These include England India Australia Kenya Pakistan There are many licensed and unlicensed grounds where players can play as well as teams from Zimbabwe and other teams. The new career mode is here and it combines smart AI and great gameplay to challenge players. For multiplayer, Cooperative play is available with a maximum of 4 players allowed.

Cricket Games Pc

EA Sports FIFA; The company known for the best sports simulations like NBA and Sports Cricket 2007. At that time, The game has excellent graphics and overall gameplay and includes many possible stadiums to choose from, many licensed stadiums. Conditions

Trek International Cricket 2017 Pc Game (win Xp, win 7, Win 10)

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