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Play For Real – (L-R) Host Eliza Yepon, Keys School Manila teacher Monica Javier, licensed clinical psychologist and play therapist Fiona Sandoval, mom Chris de Guzman, and Johnson’s assistant marketing director Trina Tenlapco pose for the cameras after a very interesting discussion on the importance of activism. posed in front of . Emotional play in children’s overall development during gadget-free play captured by Baby Johnson.

Kids learned even more by playing with multi-sensory activities in a gadget-free game hosted by Baby Johnson.

Play For Real

Play For Real

In an increasingly digital society comes the increasing use of gadgets. 36% of Filipinos are said to have around 10 devices per home*, which may explain why it has become a common sight in homes that even children use to play. Also, giving parents the latest gadgets has become a way of giving their children a lot, with their digital savvy being considered an advantage.

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While it is true that gadget play can teach children in many ways, it is through active sensory play that all five senses are awakened to explore and learn about the world around them. This was proven by Baby Johnson in a social experiment to see how children responded to gadget play compared to textures and shapes, water, different tools, and even playing with other children. Captured on a delightful film, the initiative revealed the wonders of learning using the five senses through active sensory play – as mothers themselves testify.

“As a brand dedicated to the happy, healthy development of children, we at Johnson’s believe that every activity a child engages in is meaningful to them,” said Trina Tanlapko, Johnson’s Chief Marketing Officer. can.” “Active play is integral to children’s overall development and is essential for them to explore the world around them. As a brand, this is something we want to remind parents of. The information we offer And with the product, parents can turn your kids’ playtime into learning time while they #

In addition to strengthening the bond between parent and child, when a child’s five senses are awakened during active sensory play, he becomes more receptive to learning about the world around him. According to Fiona Sandoval, a licensed clinical psychologist and play therapist, a child gets the most out of active sensory play when their emotions are heightened during these activities. “The brain grows to 90 percent of adult size from birth to five years of age. During this period it is important to engage all the different senses in activities such as active play so that the brain’s neurons and connections can form optimally.” . If this happens, there will be more synapses and connections, which can improve brain development.”

“In sensory play, children develop motor, language and fine skills. Stimulated emotions work together to achieve a child’s full development,” she added.

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Meanwhile, Monica Javier, a teacher who has worked with preschoolers for more than a decade, also added that active sensory play helps children prepare for bigger things ahead, so It is encouraged to integrate into primary education. “Besides fun and entertainment, play actually helps children expand their knowledge of themselves, allows them to interact with others, develop new skills that enable them to face the challenges of the larger environment. can prepare for.”

In school, sensory activities are used to teach children about different concepts. For example, encouraging them to play and explore with blocks allows children to differentiate shapes, sizes and weights. It also encourages them to plan strategically. Providing opportunities to paint with different tools or their bodies fosters creativity and teaches them about colors and patterns. Jogging, running, jogging or any type of movement can help develop their gross motor skills. Proven gameplay in these areas encourages interaction between them.

“Sensory activities allow children to go through the scientific process in a very natural way. While playing, they ask questions, make predictions, make hypotheses, test hypotheses and draw conclusions,” shared Javier.

Play For Real

For Chris De Guzman, a mother of two, introducing sensory play to her children keeps them away from other forms of play. It also makes them more imaginative, creative and talented in the activities they do together. “At home, bath time is also play time for my kids. We play with bubbles, make up stories and learn about body parts. With simple activities like this, we bond well with each other. can spend time and strengthen our relationship with each other,” De Guzman said.

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In fact, playtime can be very meaningful, so let your kids #playforreal. To learn more about how you can understand play at home or at school, visit In honor of International Women’s Day, Nike has highlighted its latest film on black women. . .

The sports brand launched its “We Play It Right” social media campaign on Sunday, celebrating the resilience and bravery of female athletes of color.

“Black women are rarely recognized for their work,” Brand captioned a YouTube video explaining the film. “It’s not just magic, it’s the real thing.”

Narrated by actor and comedian Dominique Fishback, great players such as Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Caster Semenya, Abtehaj Muhammad and many others are featured in the VPlayReal campaign.

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Fishback opens the one-minute clip by saying, “It’s not magic. Yes, we can make things flow, expose something, but even the big magicians have their tricks.”

“It’s organic,” he continued. “From the curls in our hair to the tips of our fingers, from the bounce in our feet to the joy in our smile — we put our blood, sweat and tears into being the best we can be, no matter what the world. . Tells us we never will.” It won’t work. Bus.”

As her words are read throughout the film, there are powerful images of prominent black women such as South African middle-distance runner and Olympic champion Caster Semenya who first came under scrutiny after being asked by the International Association of Athletics Federations. She was shocked that he was “biologically male”. to the New York Times.

Play For Real

Since its release, the film has garnered over 1 million views and many viewers are excited to expand and join the conversation about amazing black women leading the world.

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In addition to Nike’s social campaign, it also has an advertising campaign with its community partner Black Girl Ventures, a foundation that supports black women. It provides access to capital and community and supports businesses. Through this partnership, Nike has pledged to invest $500,000 in the organization.

The funding will allow Black Girl Ventures to develop a new segment, add technology infrastructure and increase brand visibility through storytelling campaigns led by Black and Brown women. Just days into the launch of the Oculus Quest 2, Oculus has started turning the marketing wheels to raise awareness of its next-generation standalone headset to those who may not have it on their radar.

This is the first, perhaps of many, promotional videos for the Oculus Quest 2 aimed at a fixed-screen player. To the tune of “Galvanize” by The Chemical Brothers, the promotional video features the lyrics “My finger’s on the button” and “Push the button”, which are used to make a point against traditional gamers who use game mice. has to be used. Choose to. Controller and keyboard buttons to interact with your games.

The promotional video continues with the message ‘It’s time to save’, then a girl enters VR wearing a Quest 2 suit, the video ends with “Play for real”. Unfortunately they didn’t show VR gameplay of the title in this video to really drive home the message, but it might be a big part of the video in the coming days.

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Regardless, it’s good to see that Oculus is putting more work behind the launch of Quest 2 and I hope this and more trailers entice the unsuspecting to jump into VR.

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Play For Real

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