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From License Application to Securing a Job in Ireland/UK and Much More...

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Irish General Medical Registration Pathway

Life in Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is an island on the western edge of Europe. It is 486km long and 275km wide with Dublin as its capital. Ireland is famous for its beautiful landscapes, beaches, and castles. The official language is Irish, but almost everyone speaks English. The population of Ireland is around 4.8 million. Ireland observes Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Euro is the official currency of Ireland.


APPS Webinar

Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons (APPS) Webinars

Free Webinar by APPS Europe- Ireland Chapter
This webinar is set to guide the different registration routes for doctors interested in initiating a medical career in Ireland.
  • General Registration Route via Exemption Pathway
  • CPSP route
  • Higher Specialist Route